• Website Development & Marketing

    The System is one element that forms the basis of the customer’s business. To construct that system, it’s important to understand problems the customer faces now and will face in the future. In doing so, communication is essential. We will propose a solution for your project that is based on reliable technology and a sound understanding of your project.

    Web Site Development

    There are many aspects to web site development, including server selection, domain name registration, design, coding, operation, PR, etc. Experience, technical skills, and knowledge are essential for managing these elements.

    1. Production
      Page Design
    2. Web Application Development
      PHP、Java, Django, Meteor, Play, Angular.js
    3. E-Commerce
    4. CMS
      MovableType, WordPress, Ghost, Plone

    Mobile Site / Application Development

    Mobile business is challenging. Possibilities are wide, constraints are many, and to follow rapid movement of the market, one needs to balance quality, technical skill, and speed. Eyesaac was quick to focus on possibilities of the mobile market, and rapidly accumulated technical skills and know-how that would allow us to strategically take advantage of those possibilities. Our proposals include possibilities of the mobile market for your business.

    1. Smartphone Content Creation
    2. iPhone · Android
      Application Development
    3. Application Development
    4. Content Providers
      Packaged Construction / Operation Solutions
    5. GPS-Linked Mobile Content Creation Solutions for Commercial Facilities

    Marketing Support

    It’s important to think of your web site as a separate entity from existing business. At Eyesaac, we analyze the current state of your web business and offer support that includes solutions for improvement.

    1. Web Site Analysis
      Access Analysis
      Vulnerability Assessments
    2. Marketing Research
      Group Interviews
    3. Site Operation Business Support
    4. Automatic FAQ Production
      Content Provision

  • Construction of Core Mission-Critical Business Systems

    Our Core Mission-Critical Business System design and construction service places emphasis on supporting appropriate IT investment from the customer’s perspective. Listening to purchasing recommendations of IT vendors can result in incoherent and excessive IT investment, so it is our mission to lead customers to the appropriate system. Our consultants and engineers will make proposals that will results in a system that will assist the customer in handling the dynamic nature of business.

    Business and mission-critical system construction experience

    1. Distributed Core Business Systems
    2. System Consulting
    3. PMO
    4. Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Subsystems

    1. Packaged Core Medical Systems
    2. Core System Package Development
    3. End-User Support for Packaged Systems
    4. System Operation, Maintenance, and Support

    Examples in Industry

    Distribution and Retail

    1. Logistics Systems for Retail Outlets
    2. Sales Management Systems for EC Sites

    Public Institutions

    1. Statistical Systems for Public Offices
    2. Attendance Management Systems for Public Offices
    3. Internal Portal Sites for Ministries
    Case Work

    After analyzing problems with an existing core system, we constructed an RFP. We collected from vendors and examined them from the perspective of the end user, after which, we constructed a system renewal project. After construction as a PMO, we examined system progression and compiled user requirements, developed needed components, handled data migration, and conducted UAT. Currently, we are handling system maintenance and operation, including design, construction, and operation of derived subsystems.

    Development Environments:
    1. OS
      Windows NT ~ 7 / Server, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android, and Docker
    2. Devices
      PC, Mac
      Feature Phones
      Vehicle Terminals
      Business Dedicated Terminals
    3. Databases
      Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
    4. Development Languages
      Java, PHP, C, C++, C#,,, Visual Basic, Perl, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, R, Objectice C, Swift, SQL

  • Design, Construction, Monitoring, and Operation of IT Infrastructure

    We offer services centered on supporting servers and client machines that form the foundation of your system. Infrastructure equals creation of an environment, and this requires knowledge of machines, software, and ability to assess both external and internal threats to system security. Our service provides for creation of environments perfectly suited for your business, regardless of industry type.

    Example: Distributed Client System Development
    End Users Operating in Teams (growth industry that held an IPO)

    Project Characteristics
    1. Direct Handling of End Users
    2. Handled Everything Together, from Analysis and Development to Operation and Maintenance
    3. 7 Years Consulting

    Server Construction Support

    Since the appearance of cloud environments, ability to dynamically change technologies has become a necessary element in support. We are constantly learning new technologies that provide support and answers to modern needs of our customers.

    1. Large-Scale Data Centers
    2. Cloud Environment Construction
      Technical Support
    3. Service Construction and Support for Cloud Environments
    4. Distribution Services
    5. Cloud Subsystems
    6. Infrastructure Support

    Network System Construction Support

    An engineer who is well-versed in network device technology will support construction of your network. As connecting machines in your network is important, we understand communication among people is equally and conduct all aspects of process accordingly.

    1. Large-Scale Data Centers
    2. Service Construction and Support for Cloud Environments
      Technical Assistance
    3. Moving Subsystems into Cloud Environments
    4. Distribution Services
    5. Cloud Subsystems

    Operation Monitoring and System Construction Support

    To construct a monitoring system available 24 hours a day 365 days a year requires know-how only accumulated through many years of experience. We provide support services based on know-how we accumulated through many years of operation monitoring.

    1. Security
    2. Operation Monitoring Systems for Vendors
    3. Planning, Development, Operation, and Maintenance

  • System Operation, Maintenance, and User Support

    Use of a system may help make a business more efficient, but we mustn’t forget it is still people who run the system. Just like infrastructure, the system requires support services for long-term operation. We provide services to support daily system operations, handle problems when they arise, and provide 24-hr monitoring 365 days a year.

    Example: System Development, Maintenance, and Operation in a Public Office
    Project Management with a Large-Scale Manufacturer

    Project Characteristics
    1. PMO
    2. Statistical Data Management, Reporting System Development
    3. Module Development for System Integration
    4. System Maintenance for the Entire Kansai Area

    Operation and Monitoring of Customer Systems and Devices

    For 24-hour system and network device monitoring 365 days a year, long-term operational know-how, operation of organization systems, and supervision of members during tough tasks is just some of the know-how required of management. Our company has a rich list of accomplishments, making it possible to provide solutions regardless of scale, from proposals for filling a vacancy to the construction of organizational operations.

    1. Large-Scale Manufacturers
    2. Monitoring and Operational Support of Hosts and General-Purpose Machines
    3. Turnkey
    4. Security Vendors
    5. Monitoring Centers
    6. Business Support

    Help Desk Business

    From outsourcing of internal business to technical help desk support, we provide services to support IT related help desks.

    1. Manufacture Solutions for Distributions
    2. Help Desk Support for In-Store Inquiries
    3. Financial Institutions
    4. Banks
    5. Help Desks for Internal Systems and Machine Operation Support

    Proposals for Finding and Solving Operational Problems

    We use our accumulated operational know-how to provide proposals for solving problems and issues regarding your business operations. We are capable of providing comprehensive services for improvement of your business, your systems, and operation maintenance.

    1. Large-Scale Manufacturers
    2. Multi-vendor Support Centers
    3. Proposals for Improvement in Operations and Maintenance
    4. Security Vendors
    5. Monitoring Centers

  • Solution Services

    Open Source

    Today, open source systems are in use literally everywhere. At Eyesaac we provide a variety of services intended to maximize the potential of open source solutions for the client that include training, consulting, open source system construction, and customization.

    Open Source Technologies Used, Recommended, and Supported by Eyesaac:
    1. LibreOffice
    2. OSQA
    3. Linux Server
    4. Linux Desktop
    5. Docker Containerization - Web Site, Web Apps, Databases, Servers, ...
    6. NGINX
    7. Apache
    8. MySQL
    9. PostgreSQL
    10. MongoDB
    11. Meteor
    12. Django
    13. R


    We have moved from the era of data accumulation to the era of data analysis. Data accumulated by customers is valuable. At Eyesaac we analyze large amounts of data accumulated by customers and use it to answer customer’s questions and provide a solutions.

    Examples of Solutions with Data:
    1. ETL
      (Extract, Transform, Load)
    2. Data Mining
    3. Statistical Testing


    Currently, data on both persons and corporations is a valuable. This means it might be targeted for unauthorized access, use, or worse, to inflict damage to an individual or corporation. Eyesaac has prepared a number of security services to protect our customer’s data against attacks.

    Examples of Security Solutions:
    1. Web Site Audit
    2. Database Encryption
    3. Security Protocols
    4. Ciphers
    5. Key Management
    6. Penetration Testing
    7. IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
    8. BCM (Business Continuity Management)
    9. Sandboxing


    By compressing large amounts of data accumulated by customers, it is possible to save on storage space and improve database transmission.

    Example Solutions:
    1. Database Compression
      Compression to Improve Security