Eyesaac System Technologies Inc., is now recruiting for the following positions.
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Web Application Development/ManagementBusiness System Engineer

Employment Information

  • Duties
    1. You will be responsible for various duties on Japan's largest EC platform.
      Ex.) payment services, auction service, internal organization management.
    2. You will be responsible for government projects for major system vendors.
      Ex.) PMO, statistical data management, system common modules, system maintenance for the entire Kansai region.

    Characteristics of Projects
    1. great number of directly corresponding projects from contractors and End Users
    2. putting PMs at the heart of the company to maximize team power
    3. long-term consulting projects (4 years)
    4. research and analysis - even maintenance operations has a wide range of possibilities
  • Application Requirements Qualifications / Education: varies
  • Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications, etc.
    1. more than one year experience with web system development
      (Those without experience but with an interest in Web systems are welcome!)
    2. experience in business system-related development
      (Those without experience but with motivation are welcome!)
      ※ specific industry experience does not matter: finance (banking, credit, securities), insurance, distribution, healthcare, etc.
  • Welcomed Experience, Skills and Qualifications, etc.
    1. development experience on a large website (userbase of over 100,000 people)
    2. interested in web services, and uses them daily
      (Google services, social networks, etc.)
    3. sensitive to Web trends, taking note of them daily
    4. practical management experience
    5. persuasive skills
      (There may be opportunities to make business improvements for the client.)
  • Ideal Candidates
    1. someone who wants to continue consulting in the future

    Our company deals with a variety of clients and challenges. We are looking for a person to face those challenges squarely, seek to resolve them, and carry out day-to-day business. Let's unite and learn problem-solving skills!
  • Place of employment Tokyo headquarters, or project in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama
  • Vacation
    • weekends/holidays off
    • paid vacations, 13 days at the first year (usable from the 6th month after commencement of work)
    • new Year vacation / family events vacation
    • anual holidays 120 days
  • Benefits
    1. various social insurance/healthcare
    2. health insurance union recreation facilities (Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association)
  • Salary Salary will be determined by previous roles, experience, age, and ability.
  • Salary Increase and Bonus Salary and bonus increases will be reviewed in conjunction with track record and performance.
  • Other Benefits Various allowances for position, overtime, travel, professional development, etc. are provieded
  • Required Documents
    1. Resume/CV


By Postal Mail

Mark it with "Application" written on the top of the attachment, and please send to:

Human Resources and Recruitment
Eyesaac System Technologies Co., Ltd
No.5 Azuma Building 3F
Kanda-Sakumacho 3-38, Chiyoda-ku
101-0025 Tokyo

By E-mail

With Subject "Application" please send to:

Application Process

  • 1
    Before Applying
    When applying to this company, please ensure that you have checked the privacy policy.
  • 2
    Applications accepted by direct mail, phone, or through recruitment agencies.
  • 3
    Interview Scheduling
    The interview schedule will be set by e-mail or by phone.
    Weekdays between 9am to 6pm
    ※ Those wishing to come outside of the above times due to circumstances beyond their duties may have to be interviewed Saturday or Sunday.
  • 4
    Interview with the recruitment interviewer (first interview) ※ Expected to take about an hour.
    Interview with an executive from the company (second interview) ※ Expected to take about 30 minutes.
    ※ Time required may be subject to change.
  • 5
    Applicants will be notified of the result by mail, e-mail, or phone.
  • 6
    Along with explanations of company induction procedures (labor representatives), there will be various explanations (other individuals at your site).
  • 7
    The probation period will last about 3-6 months.